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As an innovating and visionary thought leader in the field of Advanced Pediatric Energy Healing, Ashley, supports, guides and facilitates children, pre-conception through young adulthood and their families to develop Energy Mastery. The mastery of energy illuminates all aspects of our relationships to self, others and the environments we create, and serves to navigate the full and authentic expression of our giftedness, in all ages.

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

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Experience You and Child’s Hidden Superpowers in your 12 Week Self-Discovery Remote Transmission Advanced Energy Healing Course

Learning our own Healing Power! The healing we all have received, working with Ashley is immeasurable. We are learning the true healing power we all have is within ourselves. Ashley teaches us and our children empowerment. We are so grateful to have Ashley in our lives. She is as authentic as they come. Thank you Ashley for all you do!

Karyn Kraus Smith, San Diego, CA

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Transforming the Lives of Highly Sensitive Kids & Adults

We work together to uncover the root cause of pain and sensitivities while using Advanced Energy Healing and Self Empowerment Tools to transform your life.

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Family Mentoring Course


A 4-week course for the whole family.  Together the family will learn to create a lifestyle where they will all thrive.

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Do you know a child or adult that could benefit from energy healing, or someone who would like to learn more about it?  Refer a friend and they will receive an email introduction with information.

How To Prevent Jet Lag

Traveling this holiday?  Try this amazing Advanced Energy Healing technique to relieve Jet Lag once and for all!



It's so simple.  It only takes a few seconds to do.

New Online Course For Kids

Sign up now for this amazing new video conferenced course and watch your children soar! Only $25 - $40 per class!



Discover Center For Conscious Kids

Ashley is also the founder of Center For Conscious Kids, an online resource center for conscious businesses, schools and more in your area!



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