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Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN is a Medical Intuitive with 27 years of Pediatric and Newborn Critical Care who exhibits expertise in deep understanding of advanced human physiology. She has a unique approach in guiding you and your family to view pathogens, toxins and sensitivities in a whole new way. Ashley synthesizes Advanced Allergy Therapeutics with Energy Healing to alleviate Seasonal & Year round indoor and outdoor allergies. Her technique is gentle, non-invasive and effective.

Ashley also is a Certified Allergy Relief Specialist with AAT – Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. She is one of the country’s leading experts in assisting infants, children and adults in relieving their allergy symptoms. Her process of assisting you to alleviate chronic inflammation associated with allergies and sensitivities will allow you to breathe easier, eat desired foods and stop that pesky itchiness! While assisting people in re-mediating their allergies, Ashley noticed a subtle but deeply mis-understood population of people called Highly Sensitive People or HSPs.  Many of these HSPs, no matter the age, can and do suffer from hyper-sensitivities of numerous forms. These types of hyper-sensitivities can manifest as auto-immune conditions, allergies, chronic anxiety, social isolation and many feelings of “too much, too sensitive, not good enough”, which can create low self esteem and misery. The AshleyLeeHealing™ program is designed to assist the HSP in remedying their hyper-sensitivities, bringing them in balance with their true innate sensitive selves.

What is AshleyLeeHealing™?

Ashley Lee Healing is a comprehensive process that focuses on children, families and individuals who are Highly Sensitive People – HSP. Ashley is a highly gifted and intuitive Medical Energy Healer. Some of the Energy Medicine healing modalities utilized are Healing Touch, Vibrational Frequency™ Healing and Energy Kinesiology with her unique qualities of providing extensive physical healing. Many energies are cleared, eradicated, re-mediated, corrected, balanced and rejuvenated in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic subtle bodies. Ashley also works extensively in brain and nervous system sensory integration with the children and adults.

Such clearings can include:

•  Supporting and balancing all energies within the Body System • Balancing, opening and providing in the moment care for Meridian and Chi energetic systems • Supporting the removal of pain and fatigue while relieving mental and emotional energetic build up • Pathogen removal • Toxin removal • Allergy Remediation on very deep physiological, mental, emotional and energetic levels:  Allergens and Antigens down to the molecular levels Balancing auto-immune responses by “un-tagging” emotions connected to the allergies Releasing the organ / energy systems weakened by the allergies •    Bone, ligament, muscle, vascular and neuronal regeneration • Addressing many types of Auto-Immune conditions, such as:  Hepatitis, Leaky Gut, Crohn’s, IBS, Diverticulitis and many forms of colitis. During your Initial Consultation, I will meet with you to discuss the caring and comprehensive treatment process and plan of care to restore your body and relieve the inflammation you experience with allergies, sensitivities or many other ailments, conditions or diseases.

Gosh, where to start….Ashley Lee has helped me and my family in so many ways. I will start with my 3 year old son’s last remote healing…yes, we didn’t even have to make a drive!! My son woke up on a Saturday morning with a rash all around his mouth….the dreaded hand foot mouth disease…. I got in touch with Ashley on Sunday,  she cleared the virus and by Wednesday, he was able to return to school!!! Amazing!! That virus can last 21 days!!! It was clear in 4! Still amazed by the healing powers Ashley holds. On Saturday I lost my voice and had a sore throat. My daughter said “mommy, would you like me to send you some healing energy? –Ok, what color? ” then she had me lie down and she ran her hands over my throat and body. I could feel her energy!! Thank you for all you’ve done for us. To Your Health,

Jeanette Chase PAS

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