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About Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

About Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

Global Energy Healing

Ashley was born into the awareness of energetic healings of herself and the others in the world in ways that expressed naturally and organically. Along the way, she knew what people were thinking or feeling without them ever sharing a word, knowing instantly how to connect physically through the quantum field of energies moving to and fro, person to person. Oftentimes, these energies were challenging or discordant between people and resulted in her being present to support those challenges.
Always drawn empathically to the world of children, she specialized in pediatric intensive care nursing for over thirty-two years where she developed advanced and expert physiological care in supporting the body optimizing health and wellness. Restoring vital functions to create balance by eliminating inflammation and stress created from the multiple forms of imbalances, creating one’s opportunity to promote self-healing from within.
Nowadays, one of her initiatives is on making sociological changes through healing Victim Consciousness, also known as fear-based thinking for influencers, persons of impact and visionary leaders. Recognizing that influencers have enormous potential and power to impact others energetically, by releasing hidden fears and their negative feedback loop emotional patterns, she found a positive on-ramp to creating transformation and an increase of peace in society. Through the opportunity to support the impact of influencers, societal change is now happening through millions of people globally.
Today, Ashley works with Highly Sensitive Children and their families by addressing life’s conflicts and adding tools to their interpersonal relationship toolbox, maximizing their Energy Mastery. Inspired to develop a conflict resolution protocol, she implemented a process called The Leap Method for Self-Healing.
Working with other healers, she awakens the natural and innate giftedness of practitioners worldwide, optimizing their energy mastery and soul’s purpose with lifetime fulfillment.
Ashley is known as a Quantum Energy Healer that functions as a field unifier to support the individual or group in ONEness unification.

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