Quantum Energy Healing with host Ashley Lee

AshleyLeeHealing describes how Advanced Energy Healing functions with precision and accuracy through Quantum Energy Healing.

Creating clear and concise ideas through the Morphogenic Field of Thoughts. Our thoughts translate through the many forms of scalar waves as these waves interact with very specific process through the Quantum Field.

As the Quantum Field is impacted and influenced by our thoughts, the quantum particles interact with our Atomic Physical World!

Watch Quantum Energy Healing with Ashley Lee as we support your DNA Ascension mechanics through the Units of Consciousness of our Thoughts described in this show series on AwakeTVNetwork.

 “We are passionate in giving an inspirational spark of insight to the biological connections of consciousness as we affect our genetic expressions.”

Genetic Consciousness with hosts Cayce Connolly and Ashley Lee, RN

Benefits for TV Viewers:

1. Sparking a passion about the intertwining nature of Consciousness and DNA.

2. Creating newly sparked insights to the connections of Biology and Consciousness.

3. Synthesizing a new vision of our healthy bodies by unraveling the 

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