By Ashley Lee Healing

Family Mentoring Course

Guide your family to a fully supportive and conscious lifestyle. Parents will learn to identify sensitivities within the family and learn how to care for those sensitivities. Parents will learn how to build strength and confidence in their children to help them feel comfortable in their their own bodies and minds. Together the family will learn to create a lifestyle where they will all thrive.

Learn The Art of Energy Healing Course

Discover your healing gifts and abilities through interactive learning and practice!  This course introduces a range of energy healing modalities allowing you to experience which ones resonate with you.  We will delve into the ego, mind chatter, multiple states of awareness, brain and nervous system integration concepts, all aspects of whole health healing, and much more!

Thriving Sensitive Children Course: Womb - 3 Years

Yes, even your fetal baby can benefit from energy healing!  Moms of this age group will experience 4 online group video-conferenced energy healing experiences.  Together you will experience how we as mothers can directly influence the energy of our young children.  Plus, gain fun and interactive tools to support your child’s process of creating the world they desire to experience.

Thriving Sensitive Children Course: 4 - 20 Years

Courses are by age group.  Children will experience 4 online group video-conferenced energy healing experiences.  Children (and in some cases, parents) will explore their relationships with themselves, their family and others.  They will gain powerful tools to help them through everyday life, learn how to access the energy in their body to promote self healing, and much more.

Thriving Sensitive Adult Course

Are you ready to invite more peace and ease into your life?  In this interactive online course, adults will experience 4 group video-conferenced energy healing experiences.  Participants will gain powerful energetic tools to help them through everyday life – including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools to optimize health, healing and well being.  Classes are bi-weekly and you may join in at any time!

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