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 can get complicated especially when we relate with others from multiple levels of perspectives. Although teaching, guiding and supporting children in learning how to relate to themselves, others and life circumstances can be a daunting task, learning Conscious Relating with AshleyLeeHealing is here to ease the experience!

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When our children are having a difficult time with relating, we look at them as if they are the problem or who they are relating to as the problem. We may go to their behaviors or the behaviors of the ones they are in conflict with to look at how to solve the problems. Yet, honestly, we as parents, need to take a step back and take a deeper look at ourselves.

What have we, our teachers or our society (including TV and other media forms of entertainment) “conditioned” our kids to believe is TRUE about relating.

Beliefs like:  Don’t go out outside without protection. Don’t talk back to your elders. That sneeze means you are sick. Many cliches and other forms of statements that may or may not be true to their situation or perspective. When we are more aware and have clarity to what they are saying and expressing, we become more conscious to what some of the deeper aspects of the trouble in relating presents or represents.

When we as parents and guides to the children become more aware and open to our own limiting beliefs, thoughts or emotions about how life should be or how life should go and we reframe them…. Then the kids become more aware and feel more comfortable to authentically express themselves and their perspectives are many times fresh, real and truthful. Additionally, when we learn to better and more authentically relate to ourselves, others and our life circumstances, the kids follow us and do their relating more honestly with themselves too!

Now, this honesty, from our kids can and is many times ‘brutally’ honest. How do we then teach them to be honest, yet gentle and helpful, without being in anyone’s face with the honesty the other person may not be ready to hear?

I would like to suggest teaching and providing our kids with the opportunity to learn deep and compassionate leadership skills. Skills like these, taught in the heart felt spaces of learning may be hard to come by in today’s world. I assure you, though, many Conscious Relating services and businesses are popping up everywhere! These services and practitioners are teaching concepts far beyond Mindfulness. As you provide resources to the kids, find professionals that teach relationship to self in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ways.

After the child has improved mastery of relating to self, teaching relationship to others is then very important to create a world of peace and harmony between the child and others in their world. Teaching them how to literally or empathically to step in the other person’s shoes is vital to relating in to today’s concepts of Unity Consciousness. Moving from finite or polarized states of choosing between Service to Self and Service to Others to Service to Us, instead.

Another aspect of healthy, unconditional relating to support the kid’s development process is supporting them in understanding that they have an unconscious part of themselves that is many times not so easy to access. Accessing these parts is crucial to changing core belief patterns that mitigate our behavior patterns. Trying to change unwanted behavior patterns through forms of punishment will NOT help and many times cause more suppression of feelings and moves us farther away from healing undesirable behaviors. Instead, acceptance of beliefs, allows us to open to other perspectives we may not have yet seen as possible.

When we open to relating to how we see and perceive the world, called life’s circumstances, we then move in to deeper spaces of willingness to experience that which we hadnt yet known a limitless possibilities!

As this BLOG is a brief introduction to these very deep teachings, please review other Blogs and Podcasts that I have created just for you and your family to experience greater levels of Conscious Living! Book here for the Relationship Package to support your Family in deepening your relationships by clearing negative energetic entanglements and opening the energy flows of Love and Unity.

With gratitude to your time and investment in yourself, your kids and in cultivating our world together,

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

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