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Family Mentoring


8 Week Course



Ashley Lee will help guide your family to a fully supportive and conscious lifestyle. Parents will learn to identify sensitivities within the family and learn how to care for those sensitivities, either within themselves and their children. Parents will learn how to build strength and confidence within their children’s experiences to help them feel comfortable in their own bodies and minds. Together the family will learn to create a lifestyle where they will all thrive, by deepening the patterns of relating to themselves, others and their life circumstances. The Family Mentoring Course is designed to be fun, inter-active and engaging!

Course Details

  • 80 Minute Weekly Session – During the 8 week program your family will meet with Ashley Lee (in office or remotely) once a week for an 80 minute session.
  • Free Online Courses Included – In addition to the weekly session, families will also have free access to any applicable and available energy healing online courses for children or adults. See available courses for children or courses for adults.
  • Ongoing Support – As the family is working to create new lifestyle patterns Ashley Lee will also be available for extra support via email, text messages, and phone calls for up to 1 hour (as needed) per week for the course duration.

To participate in the course you must start with an Initial Consultation where Ashley can learn about your family’s unique needs and desires.  In the consultation Ashley will offer a customized plan for the 8 week course and offer a weekly cost for the program.  Packages start at $333 per week, depending on the number of children and parents in the family.

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