What happens at the Initial Consultation for Children and/or Adults?

  1. Whether the client is a child, adult, or both, only adults attend the initial consultation.
  2. We will clarify specific health goals.
  3. We will uncover and shift the barriers that are in the way of optimum health and happiness.
  4. We will discover and begin to unravel the root causes of the cognitive, behavioral, emotional and physical symptoms and issues that are of primary concern.
  5. You will experience an energetic healing session to begin the process of restoring physical and energetic balance.  This includes:
    • Releasing toxins, pathogens, allergens, antibodies and other barriers to physical health
    • Balancing and strengthening of the hormone, endocrine, digestive, immune and many other systems
    • Adjusting energetic hyper-sensitivities and deepening brain integration
  6. You will leave the Session with a personalized care plan (for the child, family or yourself). This includes actions that will support creating the level of whole health and happiness you desire .
  7. You will begin to learn how to nurture and support your own energy systems, which then creates a better space to support your child(ren)’s or your health and well-being.

Each person’s healing process is different. The rate and degree of healing is affected by where you and your child are in each of your life’s processes, what is needed to restore balance and the level you apply the guidance provided in the Sessions / Programs. I encourage recording each Session and active Journaling. For many, these processes improves memory and application of what we discussed to facilitate lifelong integration and the development of these new lifestyle changes.

What issues do you work with?

The following is a list of the types of issues worked with at Ashley Lee Healing:  allergies, inflammatory conditions, anxieties, hypersensitivities, sleep issues, auditory and sensory processing issues, auto immune conditions, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, behavioral and emotional disturbances and outbursts, chronic and acute illness and injury, colic, IBS, Chrohn’s, leaky gut, and other digestive issues, learning difficulties and disorders, pregnancy issues, sensitive infants, children, and adults, skeletal muscular and joint issues, leadership skills, sensory integration, brain and nervous system integration, frustration, overwhelm and much more.  If you are still unsure if you are the right fit, please contact us. 

Why ongoing Sessions? How do they support me?

Healing is process, not a destination. Ongoing sessions provide an opportunity for whole health healing (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) while providing time at home to integrate and practice all the tools you and your child learned during the Sessions.

What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is one who experiences the world around them in a heightened sensory state. These states include:

  • Empathic – feeling other’s feelings
  • Visual – seeing the energies of life around objects, people, animals and plant life
  • Hearing – hearing high and low frequencies others don’t hear, loud and noisy environments
  • Tasting / textures – food sensitivities
  • Smelling – scent sensitivities
  • Tactile / Kinesthetic  –  aversion to tight or itchy clothes

Why do people experience hyper-sensitivities?

Anyone can experience being hyper-sensitive about something. Yet, many HSP experience hyper- sensitivities in an exaggerated way, especially when their sensitive needs are not met.

What are Energy Leaks?

Physical surgical scars, cuts, lacerations, wounds and punctures in the skin often create an energy leak or drain. Many other ways we leak our energy is through consuming sugary foods, having not enough rest, experiencing schedule overwhelm, our to-do-list being too large and laden with heavy expectations or someone yelling at us. Emotional chaos creates an energy leak or drain also. Emotionally, sometimes we can be “hooked-up” with another in such a way that we feel the feelings of that person so strongly that we don’t even know its their feelings. Spiritual energy leaks are also common for highly sensitive people (HSP). Oftentimes, HSPs sense the energies of life around them in ways others may not experience. Fear and concern that others can interact with their own energy can create these leaks. Sealing these leaks are very helpful in helping people maintain high energetic vitality. Additionally, I skillfully and with fun guide adults and children how to better work with their own energies to facilitate optimal life force energy flows during their everyday life experiences.

How do I learn to work with my own energy?

There are many ways to work with your energy, like breathing, stretching, meditating, accepting one’s own feelings, for example. When we care for our bodies and the many energies we experience in them, we feel more whole, balanced and happy.

How will Auto-Immune conditions improve after receiving Energy Healing?

Many auto-immune conditions can be greatly reduced and eradicated in the energy healing work I do. When I help HSPs transition and reduce their hyper-sensitivities to enjoying their innate wonderful highly sensitive self.

What does it mean to have Pathogens cleared? Why is that important?

Pathogens are substances called bacteria, viruses, parasites and funguses. These substances in large quantities or overgrowth create an out of balance state in the body. Many times these imbalances create illnesses, conditions and disease. In the Energy Healing process, pathogens can be directly eradicated and removed out of the body. 

What does it mean to have Toxins cleared?

Toxins are substances that can produce degradation of cells, systems and organs in the body. In the Energy Healing process, many toxins are able to be directly cleared out of the body.

What is Brain Integration? Why would it help me?

Brain Integration is a process in the energy healing work where both hemispheres and all lobes of the brain are better integrated and talking to each other. Processing speed is enhanced. Mind and body connection is enhanced which improves sports performance and body movements. School work and working memory are enhanced.

Why Remote Sessions? How do Remote Sessions work? Do I receive the same level of Healing as I would during an in office Session?

Via phone or on Skype, Remote Sessions are facilitated through energetically connecting in the quantum field where I guide your energy to a greater sense of balance and well-being.

Remote Sessions allow you to receive the same level of Energy Healing as in person, yet you can be anywhere in the world! You can be on vacation and receive energy healing. You can be traveling for work and receive energy healing.  Many times, people and especially Children prefer Energy Healing at a distance and  in the comfort of your own home and many receive the energy healing while they are sleeping and wake up to a new experience. One they hadn’t had before, like being Allergy Free!

How to Prepare for a Remote Healing process:

  • Preferably, find a place where you can lie down and where you will not be disturbed. Lying down is ideal, but if this is not available to you, do not worry,  the healing with occur anyway.
  • Lying down on your back is preferable because it allows your lower body, legs, and feet to move and release more freely than when you are sitting.  If being on your back is too painful or impossible for any reason,  you may experience the healing process in any position that works for you. Many times, children lay on their sides or on their stomach side down.
  • As you sit or lie down, Close your eyes and begin to pay attention to your inner experience….what you see, hear, feel, think, remember, smell, taste, imagine or sense INSIDE yourself.  As I work on you, some of you may receive information and have inner experiences that you don’t want to miss.
  • It’s VERY  important to LET your body move if it wants to move or starts to move involuntarily on it’s own, or you just feel like moving.
    You do NOT need to lie still.  Movement will occur for people, and is often part of the releasing and shifts that occur in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  So LET them happen.  Some people move a lot and others have little to no movement at all. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. You will experience what is perfect for you.
  • Do NOT try and quiet your mind.
    Allow your mind to do whatever it wants to do….even if a lot of random, mundane thoughts come up.  Even if your head is very busy. Just allow that to happen.
    Simply NOTICE  what thoughts and feelings come up,  but do not try to “fix” or change them in any way.
    Even if the thoughts seem “random” and ridiculous to you, they are not.  They are part of the healing/clearing process.
  • Sometimes people have pain come UP (physical, emotional) .  Sometimes it’s even intense for a while.  This is a sign that healing is actually occurring.   During these sessions the root cause of the problem/pattern is being pulled up and pulled out like a splinter.  Your feelings, thoughts, pain and symptoms will not be shoved down or suppressed….they come up and move out.  Just allow this to occur, observe it without trying to change anything.   Again, it typically will not last very long so do not be alarmed and think I’m going in the wrong direction.

What is your worst Fear about healing in your Life?

I’d like you to form a sentence or two about your worst fear. If your life fell apart, what’s your worst fear?  What’s the worst thing that could happen to you ? This is probably a feeling that’s been with you your whole life. The answer to this question is key. With this question answered, you’re ready to sign up for a workshop or a private session.


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