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“Wow, how did you do that?!! My daughter started speaking full sentences within three days of your transmission. I can’t get over the change in her. My husband and I are now so excited for each first Friday of the month! Woohoo! We’re on fire now!”

Bella Grace K.

Los Angeles, CA

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I have enjoyed working with Ashley to deliver the highest quality transmissions possible. No two participants are alike and each energy packet is a healing work of art. The results have astonished me, quite honestly.

Annie Kolatkar

Advanced Energy Healer and Family Constellations Facilitator

Discover Your Hidden Superpowers

Without a doubt everyone wants more clarity about their psychic abilities, and they run into problems when they don’t know how to navigate or trust their intuition. Now you can discover the Highly Sensitive Psychic in You…while creating mastery of your superpowers becoming real in your everyday experience.

Our program initially provides a “Psychic Car Wash” of sorts for everyone to clear discordant energies from your energetic bodies!

Make A Discovery Every Week

  • What Hidden Superpower has presented itself to you?
  • What innate psychic ability do you notice evolving and growing?
  • How might your Superpowers impact your life?
  • How will your Superpowers benefit the world?
  • Are you ready to build your toolbox now?

Week 1 – Discover Your Hidden Superpowers
“Discover the challenges that hinder superpower activation”
Receive a remote Advanced Energy Clearing aimed at “clearing the path to greater intuitive reception” to process the incoming energies. Your clearing is designed to relieve your four energy bodies of discord created from consciousness challenges which are defined as conflicts that sequentially create suppression, denial, veiling and disassociation, which impact your ability to express your Superpowered Self.

Week 2 – Navigating the Minds of Telepathy
Deepening the clarity of one’s thoughts to transmit to another”
Your energy packet will support you in opening to understanding how telepathy works in its practical applications and how consciousness challenges impact your ability to be the telepath your superpowers want to share with the world.

Week 3 – The Empath’s Emotional Journey
“Emotional wisdom is key to optimal relating”
Opening your empathic ability begins with developing the awareness of emotional wisdom. Your unique energy packet will support you in recognizing how you are the Source of your feelings; and others and life circumstances merely represent a triggering moment of your own intrinsic beliefs.

Week 4 – Moving Through Telekinesis
“Movements in reality are experienced with ease and flow”
As you take a deep dive in receiving your remote energy transmission, we support you in recognizing the consciousness challenges that may prevent you from accessing how to move objects with clarity of thought.

Week 5 – The Future of Psychometry
“Noticing the lasting energetic signatures of past experience
What do the residues of energy share with you? In your environment there plenty of opportunities for you to read into the energies of life. Strengthening your perceptions will give you insights into your world.

Week 6 – The Facets of A Visionary
“Promoting the perspectives of seeing the world through many lenses”
Your innate ability to “see the direction the energetics of present situations” already exists inside you. Looking forward and backwards on timelines is possible when we release and cleanse ourselves of our consciousness challenges that prevent us from seeing new and fresh potentials and opportunities.

Week 7 – Navigating Our Omni-audient Environments
“Become the (symphony) conductor of your auditory listening skills”
As you become aware of how you perceive the many facets of hearing the multitudes of frequencies that come into our auditory experience, you will become the (symphony) conductor of your auditory listening skills.

Week 8 – Living As An Inter-dimensional Walker
“Stroll through multiple dimensions by experiencing perspectives from all viewpoints”
We will be supporting you by enhancing your ability to walk through multiple dimensions as you perceive various perspectives, gain clarity and resource yourself for discerning the Truth.

Week 9 – The Touch Points of Kinesthesia
“Feeling the realities of your environment within your body
You have access to infinite information inside your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies. This week’s energy packet will help you connect to what you experience in these bodies.

Week 10 – Frequency Finders
“Connect with your Inner Guidance to discern the frequencies that feel unfamiliar”
This is about energetic relating (self, others and life circumstances) and the ability to recognize consciousness challenges (conflicts) and empowerments. Cultivating being a frequency finder is key to unlocking your future peace and happiness.

Week 11 – Quantum Jumping
“Passport to the future to create your guidance moving forward”
Experience opportunities to build your life experiences in advance through connecting with your Inner Guidance, developing the proof you choose to see in your future.

Week 12 – Illuminating Your Avatar Self
“Enhancing your relating through conscious choice by extinguishing consciousness challenges”
In the final transmission, you will be working on embodying the Empowerment of “Trust and Faith” while gaining the skill sets needed for clarity with your intuition, as your Inner Guidance supports your ongoing expression of your Superpowers. Start using Empowerments as a Inner Technology by clicking here.

Join us, Annie Kolatkar and Ashley Lee, as we support you through uncovering your Hidden Superpowers, which is about getting comfortable with your innate intuitive gifts. It is about gaining clarity and building trust with you with your Inner Guidance so that you have better mastery of perceiving the world around you.

Take the Consciousness Choice Challenge 101

Open your energy today, by increasing the clarity of your intuition and expression of your Superpowers!

Take the Consciousness Choice Challenge 101

Open your energy today, by increasing the clarity of your intuition and expression of your Superpowers!

Take the Consciousness Choice Challenge 101

Open your energy today, by increasing the clarity of your intuition and expression of your Superpowers!

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