Synergistic Healing Program


These (3) 90-min sessions with Annie Peterson-Kolatkar and myself of spiritual / ancestral, emotional and physical healings from higher perspectives and awarenesses. To read more, see the full product description below.



Here is some great news! Now you don’t have to choose between two excellent resources. Annie Peterson-Kolatkar world renown healer and myself have combined our healing practices for these 3 (90 mins each) healing sessions. Synergistically, we specialize in spiritual/ancestoral, emotional and physical healing from higher perspectives and awarenesses.

We began working together nearly five years ago on unique cases and discovered that our collective healing abilities created more significant healing outcomes for our clients.

Each of the three healing sessions are 90mins in length over video conferencing.

Scheduling these sessions are easily coordinated over email:

Most sessions are scheduled on Monday and Thursdays at 8:30am PST.



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