Thrivingly Sensitive Children Program

Description of The Thrivingly Sensitive Children Program  (with In-Person OR Live Streaming Remote)

  • 6 Live 1:1 Sessions with Ashley – In-Person OR Live Streaming Remote
  • 2 people receiving Parent & Child – Perceptual Education with Energy Healing
  • Homework for Parents: 4 content emails that are sent out every other week.
  • 1 on group Live video training – 4 hours of content 1 hour every other week with 1 on group remote energy healing

Investment:  $3600



Is your child overwhelmed, overstimulated and over concerned about how they feel and you would love them to be able to feel happy, healthy and well-adjusted in their lives?

The Thrivingly Sensitive Children Program is a collaborative, dynamic and integrated educational and healing program to empower your highly sensitive child to thrive.

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