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When you rejuvenate your whole self through better sleep you feel empowered, healthy, back on track with your life and all your relationships. People often have trouble sleeping at one point in their life and it can leave a person feeling upset and out of control. Loss of sleep can produce instability in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies leading to misperceptions about self and others. Sleep is an aspect of life that can be taken for granted until it is not present in one’s life. The deep concern sleep loss evokes inside people’s experience, is profound.

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 We have the utmost compassion for those who have struggled with sleep issues for themselves or for a loved one. We want you to know that you can unravel your chronic sleep issues. The root cause of your sleep issues might surprise you. Most people do not know that “unknown or unconscious and long-standing buried belief problems” are the source of their restless nights. When you heal those problems, you begin to move into peace, so you may sleep better without any sleep aides.

To thoroughly heal your acute or chronic sleep issue for a lifetime, you need to do the healing work of what is disturbing your peace. It requires looking at your consciousness challenges where you feel triggered by yourself, for example, from judging yourself, and by others who judge you or present problems in your life that create feelings of powerlessness or victimization.

What About Pain That Keeps Me Awake?
Pain is often a contributor of sleepless nights and we recognize that the root cause of the pain is also buried in the unconscious and can be healed. We are master healers that can intuitively identify and release these root causes with you, facilitating positive, powerful and lasting transformations for a lifetime.

Complimentary eBook to Help You Rejuvenate At Night
To support you creating more peace around sleep in your life while you work on your consciousness challenges, you can download a complimentary ebook “Sleep Like A Genius – 12 Easy Steps to Better Sleep” after signing up to our mailing list below, which you may then use as a starting place for reframing how you sleep and what your responsibility is when you lie down to sleep.

This book is different from all other sleep suggestions. Co-authored with Annie Kolatkar, an advanced energy healer and master facilitator of Family Constellation Therapy who also founded the Brain Integration Institute with me, this is self-guided work that helps you reclaim your power and reframe your sleep situation. There are zero suggestions for something outside of yourself like a pill, remedy or other Band-Aids for creating sleep. This ebook was created to:

  • begin empowering you to manage your perception of sleep
  • reframe your way of thinking about it
  • give you Internal Maneuvers of Consciousness (IMOCs) to support you approaching sleep differently
  • a sleep pledge to your body
  • create better brain chemistry for sleep and waking up
  • cultivate trust and faith in your ability to sleep
  • and includes helpful tips for supporting young children sleep better.

Rejuvenate Your Whole Self Through Better Sleep Starting Tonight!

These 12 easy steps are to initiate and continue supporting your sleep healing process. The healing power in this ebook is present to heal your sleep or bridge you to a place whereby you can begin exploring the deeper issues preventing your peaceful rest at night.

We are here to support you if you want to do deeper work. Together, something wonderful happens when we hold space for healing unlike anything you may have experienced before. Our collective healing skills are magnified when we hold a healing intention with you. Deep, transformative shifts occur organically and naturally.

Give Yourself The Gift of Healing

Through my work with Annie Kolatkar at the Brain Integration Institute, I invite you to do three healing sessions in a package with us to significantly shift your sleep experience. You can rejuvenate your whole self through better sleep starting today. Self-nurturing begins with intention and flows into all areas of your life, especially in the sleep department!

Come to peace with sleep now. When you obtain peace it organically brings happiness to your experience without having to make it happen.

Warmest regards,
Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

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