Unlocking remote energy transmissions is made possible through connection with your inner guidance. I want to share 3 important things to remember about receiving energy and how this process helps you connect to your inner guidance.

History of Remote Energy Transmissions
Historically, in the Buddhist tradition, monks would receive their spiritual lineage through a remote transmission because it was much quicker, and its essence could be assimilated instantly. We use this process in conjunction with the principals of quantum physics to transmit healing to our participants. The results are the same as “in person”.advanced enrgy healing, remote energy transmissions, brain and nervous system integration, psychic support, psychic enhancements

How Do I Receive The Energy?

  1. Be totally confident! Your aptitude isn’t dependent upon your abilities to receive. Furthermore, you do not have to be psychic to receive the energies.
  2. For any energy transmission to be optimal, connection to your inner guidance is your companion for exploring the energies –so you know what to do with them.
  3. Energy transmissions are custom tailored for your unique needs and they remain available for you to absorb and integrate until receiving process is complete.

Have Fun and Connect With The Energy Packet
Everyone has what we call “access points.” These are your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies or PEMS. Ask yourself “where am I?” Just notice what it is! INNER GUIDANCE is how you get there. You might “feel” the energy on the physical level, feel peace and bliss on the emotional level. Some may experience the energy packet as thoughts and ideas and others will have spiritual healings that relieve their self-judgments or self-limiting beliefs.

If you want to have fun with it, go ahead! It’s your healing time, so invite the mental mind to notice everything it possibly can while you relax in a meditative state. Perhaps you open the packet as you would a gift box; or place it around your neck as a necklace with a sphere of energy; breathe it in; explore it fully and use all your senses or just one. It’s up to you and your personal style. The bottom line is: Feel free to create anything you want to create as an image in your mind!

Pearls of Wisdom
What your inner guidance is giving you is tremendous. Your inner guidance will reveal a collection of knowledge that is only yours. What you take away from your remote energy transmission experience is yours to keep.

advanced energy healing, brain and nervous system integration, remote energy transmissions, relaxation, meditationRelax! No, We Really Mean It!
If you miss a paid remote energy transmission for some reason, there is no need to panic. It’s available once its sent out, as per the schedule. All you need to do is relax, focus on your breathing, and consciously receive for 30-minutes. That’s it. Preferably, there is no one disrupting your self-healing time, no demands being made on you by pets, people or devices. Additionally, you can continue to return to the custom energy packet each night until the next one is released.  The energy stays with you until you have assimilated it all.

Everyone’s has a unique energy signature and thus what you receive is also specially crafted for you and your needs. All sessions begin with clearing discordant energies and you can read about two remote energy transmission programs here:

  1. Empowering Students Remote Energy Transmissions (blog and podcast)
  2. Psychic Enhancements Remote Energy Transmissions (blog and podcast) (video of the podcast)

If you have never tried a remote energy transmission, I invite you to choose a program to experience. You can find them on the website under Scheduler. And, please sign up for our mailing list because new programs are released often!  Joining the mailing list assures that you will get priority notice on new offerings.

Psychic Enhancements is a 12-week program for less than $12/transmission. To learn more about this program, click here for a full explanation of what you will receive. This program will be available every Wednesday night at 9PM “your time” which means we are “Time Zone Indifferent”. Wherever you are in the world at 9PM, your energy transmission packet will be there for you. You may purchase this program at any time. Your first session begins the first Wednesday after we receive payment. You will receive an email that reminds you to tune in at 9PM to begin receiving energy. That’s all there is to it:

  • Simply, relax on Wednesdays at 9PM your time
  • Tune in with your Inner Guidance
  • Consciously receive energy
  • Integrate the experience, an email will provide suggestions for this
  • Experience Wellbeing

I am here to support you at any time that you feel you need someone to do some heavy lifting for you or a loved one. Start with a complimentary phone consultation in order to gain more clarity on your issue.

Intuitive Readings are also available. Please click here to receive your unique energetic patterns that could be blocking you from health and happiness.

Your feedback is invaluable. Please contact with questions, comments, testimonials and suggestions. Email: ashley@ashleyleehealing.com

Warmest regards,
Ashley Lee

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