Give Your Infant Every Advantage: Baby Energy Healing

Thriving Sensitive Children: Womb – 3 years  $25 per class
Yes, even your fetal baby can benefit from energy healing!  Moms of this age group will experience 4 online group video-conferenced energy healing experiences; children will receive the energy healing but are not required to participate in the class.  Together you will experience how we as mothers can directly influence the energy of our young children.  Plus, gain fun and interactive tools to support your child’s process of creating the world they desire to experience.  Classes are bi-weekly, and 60 minutes each for a minimum of 8 weeks.  Option for complete privacy from the group if preferred.  Join in at anytime.

Baby Energy Healing Testimonials:

Mirage Memmer, Spokane, WA – When I was pregnant with my son, I had dreams about the fears of having a child just like any other newly first time mom would have. But I remembered to listen to my gut once he arrived, as I Physically, my son was a perfect baby in every sense of the way when we came home from his birth. Then feeding issues arose (breastfeeding was an issue and formula was forced into action to help with his jaundice and rapid weight loss after birth). Great, my son is gaining weight I thought!…. But he wasn’t sleeping well, having arched his back and needing to be held upright for over an hour after each feeding of formula. He was always so constipated and fussy after each feeding. My husband and I were told he had a possible reflux issue. In the meantime, I was pumping and trying to work desperately on getting my milk to come in. Once my milk did come in, my son quickly learned breastfeeding and our bond over it was amazing. But that’s when perfection turned into another failure. He began having colitis problems from exclusively eating my breastmilk. What am I doing wrong? How could my own child be allergic to my own breastmilk?felt there was something “different” about him I had to keep a keen eye for.

That’s where Ashley stepped in and helped me realize a few things I previously wasn’t aware of. For one, she identified food allergy and intolerances my son had. Amazingly when I took out these foods and pollutants out of my own diet and environment, I too myself felt better. His colitis has now downgraded dramatically. We’ve seen a GI specialist who had instructed to go off of breastmilk completely and not once did I back down. As of today, I have been exclusively pumping breastmilk for my son for roughly the past 3 months and he’s thriving at 4 months of age. In fact, I even have reserves of breastmilk stored in my freezer. I am not living in fear that my son will not have enough milk, nor that the milk I supply isn’t helping him to thrive.

Ashley also touched light on my son’s amazing perceptiveness and awareness. She identified him as being a sensitive baby, yet one that would eventually thrive so well in this world because of that. At first I figured all babies, even adults, are sensitive in certain aspects. I consider myself someone who is very

perceptive of others and someone who has always “trusted her gut”. But my son has proven to me that his sensitivities see further than just a few food intolerances. Recognizing some of these sensitivities, such as sudden loud noises or being able to pick up on the energy of myself and my husband, as well as new people and environments… Well, quite simply, it made me a more patient, calm, and responsive mother more than I had imagined I could have been. I communicate with my son by seeing what his needs are (by way of his timed patterned routine and body language, and rarely by the type of cry he’s showing me), and then by explaining things to him in a way I would with any other human. I treat him as the gentle baby he is, but recognize he may have more wisdom within him than I’ll ever have. People think I’m crazy that I can “talk” to my 4 month old son, but I love it! It’s a bond I know he may never get to have with anyone else, and I owe it to Ashley for the confidence she passed onto me!

Ash Robinson, Mother and Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA – Ashley, I wanted to let you know that my sweet 4 month old baby girl is doing phenomenally well… she is quite literally the happiest baby! Reflux has subsided, nervous system is calmer, and she is most content in the arms of other loving caregivers (even taking a bottle occasionally!) All of my relatives back home have commented that she is the most-smiling, most-content and easy baby they’ve seen. I just smile and nod because it’s true… NOW! We are ever-grateful for your energy healing support of relieving her allergies / food sensitivities while breast feeding her with colic and indigestion. The coaching through those first two months was a Godsend when it wasn’t all sunshine and smiles, as we navigated both the allergies/intolerances and the over-active nervous system. I’m happy to recommend your work with infants suffering from colic and discomfort in these ways.

I hope all the babies, and the mamas + papas that need this work find you!




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