If your body could talk, would you listen?

Look, Listen and Feel!

Many of us think we outgrew these wise words…..

Our bodies talk to us in countless ways and with energy healing techniques I help you remember what you forgot to notice.

There are many reasons why we don’t hear our bodies when its talking to us.

  • Unconscious fear and not wanting to feel your physical or emotional feelings, as they can be uncomfortable to experience.
  • Suppressing physical feelings by unconsciously dis-attaching mentally from feeling them or doing activities that distract us from the pain by utilizing alcohol and drugs, like Ibuprofen, Vicodin, smoking and many more ways to cope.
  • Feeling the need to feel better with comfort foods such as dairy, gluten and sugar.
  • Desiring to “amp” up our bodies when its feeling weak and fatigued by drinking coffee and energy drinks.
  • Unconsciously having many unrealistic expectations of how our bodies should feel by working out harder at the gym and “powering through”.
  • When we experience many types of stress factors (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional), we tend to “tune out” and go on automatic behavioral patterns.
  • During overwhelming and overstressed deadlines and large to-do-lists, we make a decisions that there is something more important to focus on, than caring and nurturing our bodies, minds and souls.

When we work together using energy healing methods, we sort through these distractions, remedy their root causes and help you gain the discerning tools to begin a heart felt and nurturing way to hear your body speak again!

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