Podcast Ghost Stories? You bet! Here is the first one Annie Peterson-Kolatkar and I have done and there will certainly be more podcast ghost stories and learning on your horizon.

Specialty Product Network and Center for Conscious Kids interviewed Spirit Free Property on the importance of keeping a child’s environment free of entities, especially ghosts. As the interviewer for Podcast Ghost Stories I interviewed Annie Peterson-Kolatkar, Founder of Spirit Free Property, and advanced Energy Healer, discuss tools parents can use to support their consciously aware child who experiences ghosts or “monsters under the bed.”

You can listen to it here:

Visit Spirit Free Property’s blog post on Kids Who See Ghosts . It is incredibly helpful to have an energetically neutral and supportive environment for children and that means all the energies of the former owners and all entities, which includes ghosts, are cleared from your home and land.

In this episode you will hear two brief stories about how clearing a child with ghosts and dark force entities attached stopped his behavior pattern of screaming 20 times per day at preschool and a playground with a ghost who was a bully.

Children are highly sensitive to energies until about the age of seven when the brain is more developed and logic, reason and linear thinking is stronger. This means their psychic defenses are stronger and they are not susceptible to magical thinking or being “open” to energies. Until that time, it is best to raise a child with a clear environment.

Empathic children often have a difficult time discerning the difference between their energies and that of others. Clearing your home and land helps them tune in to what is theirs.

Thanks for listening to our first podcast ghost stories!

Warmest regards,
Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN
Founder & Advanced Energy Healer

Annie Peterson-Kolatkar
Founder & Advanced Energy Healer of Spirit Free Property


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