Consultation (Initial Child)

Ashley Lee Healing™
Initial Consultation (Child) and Energy Healing Session

Your Initial Consultation visit for your child is for Parent(s) Only . We will discuss and assess your child’s emotional, behavioral & physical health, which also includes their cognitive and learning styles needs and possible sensitivities.

  1. We will clarify your specific child’s health goals.
  2. We will uncover and shift the barriers that are in the way of optimum health and happiness.
  3. We will discover and begin to unravel the root causes of the cognitive, behavioral, emotional and physical symptoms and issues that are of primary concern to you and your child.
  4. You will experience an energetic healing session to begin the process of restoring physical and energetic balance to experience what your child could experience in the Follow-up Sessions. This includes:
    •  releasing toxins, pathogens, allergens and other barriers 
    •  balancing and strengthening of the hormone, endocrine, digestive and immune systems
    •  adjusting energetic hyper-sensitivities and deepening brain integration
  5. You will leave the Session with a personalized care plan. This includes actions that will support creating the level  of health and happiness you desire.
  6. You will begin to learn how to nurture and support your own energy systems, which then creates a better space to support your child’s health and well-being. 

Each person’s healing process is different. The rate and degree of healing is affected by where your child is in her/his  life’s processes, what is needed to restore balance and the level you are able to apply the guidance provided in the Sessions / Programs. I encourage recording each Session and active Journaling. For many, these processes improves memory and application of what we discussed to facilitate lifelong integration and the development of these new lifestyle changes. If you would like a Summary Report, this can be provided for and purchased on the Shop Page or this Report is a complimentary part of my in depth Customized Programs I provide. The Summary Reports includes:   Types of allergies, toxins, pathogens cleared and so much more! 

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