Courses for Sensitive Children

More Courses coming soon in 2016!

Please contact my Assistant, giving us your ideas of dates, times and ages of classes you and your children would like attend!

Are you Seeking Harmony, Balance and Health with your Children?

Many sensitive children and adults experience a heightened sense of awareness to the world around them. When this out of balance or you find it difficult to work with these sensitivities it can produce overwhelming distress which can lead to physical, emotional and behavioral issues stemming from these hyper-sensitivities. Ashley Lee works to guide children and parents to learn more about their sensitivities, while addressing the underlying imbalances which enables them to better relate to their environment.

This 8 week Course provides an opportunity to learn and discover emotional and energetic skills to bring in these sensitivities in to balance.
* Learn daily centering and grounding of your energy
* Explore your energy fields and how to work with them
* How your specific types of sensitivities interact with energy fields
* Own your power to create positive health and emotional changes
* Acceptance of feelings
* Understand the physical and emotional aspects of feelings
* How to deal with feelings of overwhelm and frustration
* How hyper-sensitivities are created
* Learn to work with you physical energy
* Manage energy levels
* Form healthy interactions between parent and child
* Develop relationships with other children who feel and experience the world as they do

Each class includes a 30-minute group energy healing every week!

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN, Pediatric Energy Healer

Level One:  12-18 year old Parent and Child Course

Level One:  7-11 year old Parent and Child Course

Week 1 -8
Sunday, August 30, 2015 thru September 22nd
2hrs classes each week for both parent and child

All weekly courses will be hosted at:
274 C El Camino Real, Encinitas CA 92024

Course Tuition:
8 Week Course      $1000
Early Bird Tuition $900 (save $100 when registering by August 18th)

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