Here is a Money Malware De-programming Transformation that you can achieve right now!

All of us, on one level or another, have been born into thought patterns and developed beliefs in and around the concept of Money. These often self limitng beliefs are often not True!

While reading this Energy Healing Blog, you will receive Healing Codes that begin to clear these stuck patterns that continue to show up all throughout our lives. Many of these patterns are buried deep in the unconscious. Many of these limiting beliefs are presented as influences in our lives from unconscious patterns of others and they are non-intentionally projecting their values about money in to our energy fields. Over time, we may begin to believe what they believe about Money is TRUE for us, too. Yet, take a deeper look…. are these just perceptions we believed as True and are actually not?

LIMITING BELIEFS: Here are some examples of what we may perceive as True for us as it regards money and the flow of money in our lives ~

$ You have to spend money to make money.
Instead, notice….   Money is always available to allocate to the things and processes we may desire to have.

$$ Money does not fall from trees.
Right!  Instead, money is a form of Energy utilized as an exchange to obtain the good and services we desire.

$$$ Life is hard and you have to work hard to get what you want.
Now maybe it’s….   Life is and can be as free and easy as we desire. Life is supportive, caring and compassion and I choose to see the change I wish to create.

$$$$ There is not enough money to have what I desire.
Now let’s change it to…  I AM enough. We are enough. There is enough. Life is abundant. When I open to this awareness, I begin to see how abundance follows me everywhere.

$$$$$ If I spend the Money on this Service or Product, it better be worth my Time and Money!
Now lets turn that to…  Time and Money are both relative to the perceptions and values we place on Time and Money. If you think you don’t have enough, well….. Do you have enough? Usually, no!  We then may tend to spend more time, worrying and proving its True. Instead, knowing that there is enough time and money, helps us to step back, take a bigger look at what is actually happening from a broader viewpoint. How big would you like your viewpoint to be?

Now, here are some projections of beliefs that you may receive from or being around others in your life and we went in to agreement that it is true for us too – like mom, dad, grandparents, teachers, leaders, colleagues and maybe many people in our human collective awareness…one might be, “I want more money and can’t seem to make enough”.

SELF LIMITING BELIEFS: These are beliefs they may believe about themselves:
•    I don’t have what it takes to make a lot of money.
•    Everything I want costs too much.
•    Every time I make a little extra, something comes a long and takes it from me.
•    I can’t afford what I want.
•    I can barely afford what I need.
•    I am a slave to money, then I die.

PROJECTIONS: These are the beliefs they may believe about you:
•    You don’t make enough to afford your lifestyle.
•    You’re cheap!
•    You have no idea how to manage money.
•    You always let your money slip your fingers.
•    You don’t have good luck with your money.
•    Your needs are greater than your budget.

What are your beliefs that limit your experiences in obtaining what you desire… about Money?

Spend a moment, sitting in a quiet space and taking a deep breathe in of the healing energies all around you. This process of going to peace allows you the space to open to the possibilities of what your unconscious mind is running as a Money malware programming in the back of your mind and as you allow through your exhale, this leaves your awareness of what you have been unintentionally been carrying with you. Notice what those beliefs were specific to your Family’s Values and your own personal experiences about Money. Write them down. Take a deeper look. Are they really the TRUTH of you and what is possible? Or is it just what you have come to believe based upon the experiences you have had with Money in the past?
Now breathe in the Truth about Money and what it means to you now!


Thank you and be financially well,
Ashley Lee, BS, RN, CCRN

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