Self healing your family can help everyone in your family invite more peace and ease into their lives.  Do you want to experience love and unity with everyone in your family?  Today let’s explore how we heal and deepen our connections to others.  And remember that family can be defined in a multitude of ways beyond simply parents and children.

  1. As with all healing, let’s start with our Self – Centeredness: This must be a daily practice.

In order to connect to your higher and enlightened self you must stop and notice which patterns pull you out of your centeredness or true nature.

Stop and notice what triggers you and creates imbalance.  When you make this process of identifying your triggers a daily process, then they will begin to melt away and you will be closer to your higher and enlightened self.

Let’s take a quiet moment to close your eyes and connect to your higher self through your physical body.  Feel your connection to the physical Earth and feel your higher self come up through your body to the realms of the cosmic consciousness.

  1. Immediate Family

Now let’s look slightly outside yourself at your immediate family. Your spouse or significant other. Children. Pets.

Many times we are closely connected to the thoughts and feelings of our family members. We care deeply about what they think and feel. We often, choose to take away the pain they feel.

Yet, when we do this, we accidently and unconsciously take away their opportunity to own their innate Power to help themselves heal their pain. Instead consider simply supporting, resourcing, and being there for them to help them transition their pain and suffering more easily. We can do this, even with babies, those who can’t process or those who maybe don’t believe.

  1. Extended Family

As with extended family members, we develop “cords” with others in our family matrix. Some of us desire to cut those cords, when family or others (purposefully or non-purposely) exhibit undesirable behaviors or feelings that we may choose

  1. Now consider these Other Types of Families you are a part of, and your connections with each.
    • Community Family – All those people in our towns, parishes or cities.
    • School or Neighborhood Family – School mates and neighborhood street friends
    • Work / Career Family – We commonly call these people in our lives, coworkers, acquaintances or colleagues.
    • Soul Family or Tribe (in person) – Who is your Soul Family? The family you feel you want to be with. Not the people you “have” to be with. Man may feel your blood relatives are these people too.
    • Spiritual Soul Family – Spiritual beings we feel closely connected to.
    • Countrymen – These are people we feel united with in the Country we feel we may belong to.
    • Humanity – All humans on the planet Earth.
    • Our enlightened or whole self – We have many layers and levels of these aspects of our self.
    • Higher Power or Source Energy or Absolute Source: God – This aspect of ourselves, is the highest connection to absolute source consciousness


Deepening our Connections is challenging especially when we may feel in disharmony or conflict with any of these families defined above.  So how do we deepen our connection?

  1. First, we must understand and realize…. “Others life circumstances are NOT the Source of my Feelings… I am”.
  2. Acknowledge we have a conflict within ourselves.
  3. Release judgments – from all angles.   Sometimes this may be difficult, because we have strong beliefs about how things work. Through this we believe people acting badly, need to punished for their perceived or actual wrong doings.
  4. Forgive – from all angles
  5. Proclaim Sovereignty – remove yourself from the conflict, not the person who created the conflict.
  6. Shine inside YOU and see the shining in those you have conflict with. See the Universe supporting them in all the ways they need to support them coming into balance.


You may wonder, what does Balance mean?  Being in balance means non-polarized in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. Healing any feelings of being separate.  Even when we feel terrible physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Many times, we feel separate from Source or God when we feel terrible because we may have a belief that when we are connected to God, we should not be feeling a certain way, especially feeling terrible. In fact, we should be feeling bliss, peace and one with Universe.  Can we feel One with the Universe AND feel terrible at the same time? YES!

Omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotent in unconditional love creates Harmony in our vibrations of thought, feelings and beliefs that structure the world around us!  When we exist in this realm of intention and consciousness, life flows through us, allowing in the present moment, and the opportunity to experience our true divine nature in physical form in our bodies.

Let’s take a few moments to experience our centeredness, peacefulness, connectedness and oneness in the Unified Field of omnipresent Oneness…

As we come back to “everyday” awareness, notice and with intention bring this centeredness and connectedness into your everyday Life, every minute of the day, you have the conscious choice to maintain the sense of yourself and your entire family, including all of humanity!

If you would like to learn more – you can reach out to me on my Website,  From there you may sign up for a complimentary phone consult on my online scheduler. I have many programs, including a comprehensive Family Mentoring Program. I see individual families when they have deep issues that need 1:1 guidance to achieve a fully supportive and conscious lifestyle. Parents will learn to identify sensitivities within the family and learn how to care for those sensitivities. Parents will also learn how to build strength and confidence in their children to help them feel comfortable in their own bodies and minds. Together the family will learn to create a lifestyle where they will all thrive, create harmony and lasting peace through extraordinary levels of advocacy and self-expression.

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Posted by Ashley Lee Healing, Inc. on Sunday, July 9, 2017


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